Dubbing Workflow


Researching the titles, story, actors, star talents, launch dates to examine budget and turnaround.
Reserving studio, Director, Translators and then setting budget and provide quotes.

Scheduling after being awarded

Confirming materials ETA and types of deliverables.
Based on that, we plan production schedule and confirm a Director and Translators.

Material Arrival 

Checking all materials are ready to begin with, and bring it to technical department for QC. At the same time, translation team proceeds to script translation and subtitle spotting once script is delivered to us.

Approve Translation

Director and production team check translated dialogue, and revise it when find some mistranslations or problems. As we complete the proofreading, print the perfectly translated script.

Finalize casting

Production team researches voice actors who match each character, and finalizes casting.


Director focuses on acting direction for voice actors while production team and a recorder check if there is missing lines and other details. Revising translation on the spot is another important task for production team when there is a sudden change during recording sessions.


Recorded dialogues would be perfectly edited especially focusing on lip-sync and noise removal by audio tech team.


Edited dialogues are finally mixed with provided M&E, creating perfect representation of original atmosphere. Director, Producer, mixing engineer review and complete final mix

Quality Control

After dubbing and mixing, production team confirms if the completed localized version is comfortable seeing it, and check all of other details.


Delivering the audio files of dubbed version to you according to designated file type.